Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline: Years Fifteen-On
Janine Melnitz finds out about Egon Spengler's posting at New York City College, and decides it's time to see him again.

Just prior to "Darkness At Noon"

(Extreme Ghostbusters First and only Season)

"Darkness at Noon, Part One" (XGB-101)
Parapsychology 101, being taught by former Ghostbuster Egon Spengler: Kylie Griffin, new age enthusiast; Garrett Miller, paraplegic athlete; Roland Jackson, electronics whiz; and slacker Eduardo Rivera. Janine Melnitz surprises Egon during thier first class. City construction drills into a sealed chamber and releases an entity; Spengler's equipment detects the release, but Mayor McShayne derides him as a fraud. Egon tries to confront the entity, but the equipment is too old and underpowered to be effective, and he's infected with a strange disease. Eduardo, Garrett, Roland, and Janine find him in the run-down Ghostbuster headquarters; there's no way he can battle the creature now...

"Darkness At Noon, Part Two"(XGB-102)
Garrett, Eduardo, and Roland search the city; they find Kylie, acting strange, and discover that she was posessed by the spirit. Again, the aged Ghostbuster equipment proves ineffective. Egon identifies the spirit as a Sumerian disease goddess, Akkyra; he and Roland subject the proton packs and ECTO-1 to upgrading, and create a micronized proton pistol and a radically different ghost trap design. Roland, Garrett, Kylie, and Eduardo take up the mantle of Ghostbusters, and using the new equipment apprehend Akkyra easily, clearing up the infection suffered by Egon and hundred of others.

"The True Face of a Monster"(XGB-103)
A Jewish mystic summons up a golem to deal with some neo-Nazi lowlifes

"Fear Itself"(XGB-104)
A night club owner uncovers a series of catacombs which are protected by a ghost who can make people's fears into reality. Garrett must triumph over his claustrophobia to stop it.

Eduardo recognizes a monster as Crainiac, character from J.N. Kline's young-reader horror novels. The other Ghostbusters tease him mercillessly (Roland:"You read J.N Kline books?" Kylie: "You read?")until the monster answers to the name; the team discovers that the creatures are called the Vathek, and have imprisoned Kline to write them "into reality"

"Casting the Runes"(XGB-106)
A small-time hood steals a pouch of ancient runes and learns that he can use them to mark people to be taken to the other side by a demon. Eduardo is sucked into another dimension to become the slave of the Nordic god Kahlil

"The Infernal Machine"(XGB-107)
Luko, a Greek spirit of invention, compels Roland to build a really strange device.

"Home is Where the Horror Is"(XGB-108)
A haunted house is more than haunted: the entire house is a soul-sucking demon!

A gang of vampire clowns is going around town attacking people, and "embrace" a new recruit: Eduardo Rivera!

"The Unseen"(XGB-110)
A rash of missing eyes leads to Tinnebraug, guardian of the Eye of Moldova, who is compelled to suck the eyes out of everyone who looks at the "sacred stone". Meanwhile, some thugs steal Eduardo and Kylie's proton packs and go on a crime spree.

"The Crawler"(XGB-111)
Cojilla, Incan god of evil insects, escapes his crypt and goes to New York, posing as "Gregor Samsa", looking for a mate. He runs into Janine Melnitz, in a round of dispair over Egon Spengler's inattention, and is flattered by his efforts to cheer her up. But things turn sour when Cojilla kidnaps her and mutates her into an insect creature worth of being his "queen"; in a telling move, Egon leads the Ghostbusters into the attack on Cojilla, breaking through to Janine and turning her back to normal.

For those who didn't know...the name "Gregor Samsa" is an in-joke to the great story by Franz Kafka, "Metamorphosis", about a guy who wakes up one morning thinking he's turned into a bug.

"The Pied Piper of Manhattan"(XGB-112)
"The Piper" deals with a supernatural infestation, but when McShayne stiffs him on the bill he summons children to be dumped into the sea. The Ghostbusters intervene, discovering that the Piper was behind the infestation in the first place. With the help of Roland's tuba, they trap him.

"Be Careful What You Wish For"(XGB-113)
Duophines offers everyone their fondest wishes, with evil twists. Eduardo, for example, wishes Kylie would treat him as well as she treats her can Pagan, and ends up stuck in the cat's body.

Two FBI agents investigate the Ghostbusters and arrest them, until a troublemaking imp sabotages the plane they're on.

This episode was a wealth of biographical details, including the new Ghostbuster's last names and other background details--including about Eduardo's brother, who is not seen until "Rage"

"The Jersey Devil" (XGB-115)
The Ghostbusters road trip uncovers the Jersey Devil

"Dry Spell"(XGB-116)
Famous oceanographer Francois Rousseau steals a dangerous water spirit from the Ghostbusters, intending to study it--before it, of course, gets out of his control.

"Sonic Youth"(XGB-117)
Roland falls for the bewitching muse Syren. But Syren has a dark secret: she is one of the Glostic sisters, and Banshee is compelling her to steal people's life forces.

"Ghost Apolocalyptic Future"(XGB-118)
Kylie changes places with a man thirty years in the future, and learns of the horror that has transpired since the demon Tempus took over the world. But the switch provides them a unique opportunity to prevent that future, if the present day Tempus is prevented from killing Egon Spengler and opening the containment unit

"Bird of Prey"(XGB-119)
The Harasfelg, a Norse dragon spirit, is playing havoc with the weather.

"Seeds of Destruction"(XGB-120)
A blob goes around sucking people's life forces, including Garrett's; at first, the Ghostbusters think it's a confused but benevolent entity called Coojah, thought they quickly learn their error: it's a much meaner critter called Shambahok.

"Luck of the Irish"(XGB-121)
The Leprechan is taking revenge on the descendants of the Irishmen who bound it--and Edwin McShayne, Mayor of New York, is on the list

"The Ghostmakers"(XGB-122)
A monster is using a mystic mirror to entrap souls in his dimension, sending minions to inhabit the "empty" bodies--including Eduardo and Garrett's

"Slimer's Sacrifice"(XGB-123)
Slimer is accidentally trapped and contained (and Venkman isn't here to see it...), but as an accomplice of the Ghostbusters, is chased and tortured by the inhabitants of the containment unit. Slimer is found by the demon Surt, who hopes to use Slimer to escape the containment unit and free Fenris, bringing about Ragnarok. Eduardo enters the containment unit to foil Surt and free Slimer.

Surt had been imprisoned by the original Ghostbusters, but there is no time frame given for that battle. I conjecture that that battle happened "off camera" as part of the bigger battle in "Ragnarok and Roll"

"Grundlesque"(XGB-124) Roland's bratty younger brother Casey falls into the sway of the Grundle, which confuses the rest of the Ghostbusters, as the Grundle had been contained by the original Ghostbusters in 1985. Kylie releases the original Grundle to get answers, and discovers that the new Grundle was her childhood friend Jack, put into suspended animation by the old Grundle twelve years earlier.

This episode states that the original Grundle was contained "ten years ago", which would either invalidate some of the chronology's precepts and place the battle in 1995, or we can assume that Egon was rounding off the number of years. Of course, the real explaination is that this episode aired ten years after "The Grundle", part of the 1987 ABC run. This is also the only direct Extreme Ghostbusters sequel to a Real Ghostbusters story.

"In Your Dreams"(XGB-125)
Morpheus, lord of Dreams, tries to make veryone's dreams come true.

"Moby Ghost"(XGB-126)
The embittered, Ahab-esque Markob tries to catch his ancient foe, the great beast Lotan

Ghosts and nuclear power plants do not mix.

"Eyes of the Dragon"(XGB-128)
A Chinese crime lord tries to lean on the owners of a small shop to give him the Eyes of the Dragon, which will allow Gu-Moh to be awakened

"Till Death Do Us Start"(XGB-129)
A man unwittingly releases a ghost-bride from an old boarded-up wishing well. He hires the EGB to protect him from becoming her groom on the other side. A spirit called "The Wishgiver" is behind this...

"Glutton For Punishment"(XGB-130)
Rovanna the Raksasha goes on an eating spree that makes Slimer look like an anorexic supermodel.

"Ghost In the Machine"(XGB-131)
An ancient spirit that has been trapped for years escapes when an abandoned oil mine is reopened. The ghost possesses vehicles and makes them look like demons.

"Dog Days"(XGB-132)
A ghost dog turns all of the dogs in New York into it's slaves

"Mole People"(XGB-133)
Persephone, one of the dwellers in an underground civilization, incurs the wrath of her people in calling in the help of "outsiders"--namely, the Ghostbusters--in dealing with a gang of "power demons". Things get worse when she falls for Garrett.

"A Temporary Insanity"(XGB-134)
Janine takes some vacation time, so Egon hires a temp, Lilith, when things fall completely apart at HQ. But, of course, Lilith isn't what she seems, and Janine returns in time to save the day with Venkman's old proton pack.

Two items of interest: one, that this episode was in many ways a re-tread of "Till Death Do Us Part" (Janine goes on vacation, ghost chick gets designs on Egon). Two, that a mannequin of Venkman is seen in the display case, but his face is digitized out. I've wondered if some licensing restriction is in place, keeping Adelaide from using the exact character designs from DIC's cartoons, as Egon, Janine, and the other original Ghostbusters (seen in "Back In The Saddle") have been redesigned at least slightly.

Renovations at Ghostbuster HQ force Egon to temporarily relocate to Eduardo's house. The main problem is that it isn't Eduardo's house, it's space he's renting from his hard-headed cop brother Carlos (and Carlos's wife Beth), who goes ballistic when he finds out Eduardo is a Ghostbuster. Eduardo redeems himself and the other Ghostbusters when he and nephew Kevin save the city from trolls taking over the Brooklyn Bridge.

"Heart of Darkness"(XGB-136)
A Toltec crystal skull, on loan from the Russian government, is stolen. A similar skull is stolen from rich collector Wilhelm Reichart. Egon knows the third skull of the set is posesed by a former colleague, Edward Kirillian. But it turns out Kirillian is controlling the ghosts stealing the skulls, in hopes of completing the set and opening a dimensional gate, from which will pour a horde of ghosts under Kirillian's control. Instead, Kirillian falls into the dimension and faces eternal torment.

Trivia: Kirillian was voiced by John DeLancie, "Q" of Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Sphinx is going around lobotomizing intellectuals who can't solve it's riddle. Egon, meanwhile, is having a midlife crisis (he's thirty-nine, and birthday number forty is looming), and tries to prove himself by behaving like Rambo. Ending up trapped in a UN elevator with Garrett, he comes to a better sense of peace with himself, and solves the Sphinx's riddle, banishing it and restoring the minds of all of it's victims.

This episode gives Egon's age as 39. I place it before his birthday in "Back In The Saddle" because Janine goes to the extraordinary length of bringing together the original Ghostbusters, a feat worthy of a 40th birthday celebration, and because Egon no longer seems to dread his age in that story, and in fact tries to prevent his old comrades from hasty antics of the type he does in "Sphinx" Plus, having Egon's 40th birthday in 1997 would be consistant with the 1957 birthyear I derived years ago.

"Back In The Saddle, Part One"(XGB-137)
Janine takes Egon out for his fortieth birthday, and back at the firehouse there's a big surprise waiting for him. Or, more accurately, three surprises: Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman, and Winston Zeddemore, the original Ghostbusters! They meet the new Ghostbusters and reminisce about old times, and when a call comes in Venkman fires the old team up and they go out and just kick butt. Venkman, Ray, and Winston start talking about regrouping permanantly; Egon is clearly caught in the middle, trying to remind his old friends that "the torch has already been passed" The two teams of Ghostbusters put thier differences behind them and work together to defeat a swarm of "feeder" entities, but Egon's PKE readings ominously fortell a larger menace to come...

This, of course, was the episode that brought all of the Ghostbusters, old and new, together for the first time. To make it complete, Dave Coulier, Buster Jones, and Frank Welker reunited as well to voice Venkman, Winston, and Ray. (Too bad they couldn't have gotten Lorenzo Music and Arsenio Hall) One inexplicable detail: Venkman and Winston wear their old Ghostbuster uniforms, but Ray is wearing one of Egon's!

"Back In The Saddle, Part Two"(XGB-138)
Peter Venkman's cruise about Hudson Bay is rudely interrupted by something approaching New York, something big...the Ghostbusters must work with thier legendary predecessors to stop a massive entity that turns out to be the Bermuda Triangle gone bad.
After defeating the entity, the original Ghostbusters stay for Thanksgiving dinner.

As if context clues didn't establish it enough, Janine had said on Egon's birthday "I hope you guys will stay for Thanksgiving next week" (November 28, 1997)

"Witchy Woman"(XGB-140)
A coven of college witches dedicated to the charismatic Cernunous casts evil spells on the pretty, popular girls and try to recruit Kylie into thier group, in hopes of completing thier "Circle of Power"; they fail and recruit the hormonally deranged Eduardo, and Cernunous completes transferring his life force to Earth. But the Circle, realizing they've been used, band together and help the Ghostbusters defeat the demon.

As of this writing, this is the last official Ghostbusters adventure that followed the pseudo-realtime continuity begun with the first movie

The Future--Ghostbusters 3?
As Venkman indicates in "Back In The Saddle", there were tentative plans afoot for a third Ghostbusters movie... The script outline Dan Aykroyd (the strongest proponent of the project) and Harold Ramis were working on featured Ray, Egon, and Winston (referred to as "Doctor Zeddemore") as mentors to a younger team that IGN reviewer Stax derided as "bland and interchangeable": Franky, a body peircing New Jersey punker; Lovell, a dread-locked dude; Moira, a pretty but uptight gymnast and science major; Carla, a Latino beauty, and Nat, a prepubescent genius with a large cranium. Bill Murray might or might not have appeared--in one draft, he apparently dies in an early scene and Venkman is a ghost for the rest of the movie. Dana Barrett isn't even referred to, and Janine and Louis would appear in cameos near the end (knowing Harold Ramis's infuriating and inexplicable hostility to the Egon/Janine dynamic, that's probably a conspicuously bad placement). Chris Farley was attached to the project before his untimely death. The main plot of Ghostbusters 3:Hellbent would've featured Siffler, the Lord of Hell, dealing with the overcrowding issue by shipping undesireables to New York City. The last script revisions were in 1999, six years ago.

Shameless Plug: I did recycle some of the ideas in this outline in a fan fic, Gemini Rising

Update: In early February 2007, Dan Aykroyd indicated to an Edmonton radio DJ and a member of the message boards that there are plans afoot: "The hilight of the interview had to be when he confirmed that Ghostbusters III is in the works - albeit CGI, but Bill Murray has agreed to voice, so the authenticity (should) still be there!!!" And according to Zedd/Shannon: "[Aykroyd] said they plan on making an animated Ghostbusters movie. Sorta CGI-ish. The characters will be based off the cartoon rather than the movie because 'Billy' won't be in a live action film, however he will record his voice."

There has been, as of this writing, no official confirmation from Sony. Keep checking at Proton Charging and GBHQ for information when (if?) it becomes available. (Links can be found on the Ghostbuster Links page accessed at the top right)

In 2004, 88MPH Studios launched a "reboot" Ghostbusters title restarting after the events of the first movie and featuring character designs closer to the movie actors; iBooks published Ghostbusters: The Return set "two years after GB2" but not taking real time into account. Thus, neither actually "continues" the story that ran from 1984-1997, and weren't actually intended to be part of it. (See the comments on the Timeline main page for more)

For one "possible" future, continuing off the Timeline and featuring such events as the 1998 wedding of Egon and Janine (and the birth of their twin children a year later) as well as the culmination of Venkman's dream of franchising, check out the Ghostbusters International Timeline, based on the Ectozone and GBI fan fictions
In one future that is now invalid, Dr. Roland Jackson, Kylie Griffin, and Eduardo Rivera have become legends of Ghostbusting to the people living under the dominion of the tyrannical Tempus. This future was invalidated when the Ghostbusters prevented Tempus from murdering Egon Spengler in 1997, but still suggests some possiblities for their futures...

"Ghost Apocalyptic Future"

Earth makes first contact with alien life forms

Two hundred years after Real Ghostbusters#2 According to Cowan, it takes so long bacause Earth is in such a remote sector of the galaxy.

Sl'g, an alien of an unidentified species, is murdered by his four proteges, Turek, Cowan, Gard, and Bethany, who steal his technology and go back to 1988 to try and destroy history

"511.323" years after Real Ghostbusters#1-2.

Finis. For Now...

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