"The Proton Pack is not a toy."

The Proton Pack is the most powerful tool that the Ghostbusters carry on a daily basis, equipped with a power source that has a half life of 5000 years it is not prone to running out of power. (Ghostbusters II) However, it must be recharged at times.

The Proton Pack is an Unlicensed Nuclear Accelerator Backpack that consists of raw nuclear energy and Protons. The Proton Pack is mounted onto an Army issue A.L.I.C.E. Pack Frame with adjustable shoulder and kidney straps and belt, the Proton Pack consists of two parts: The Nuclear Accelerator Backpack (Proton Pack, Positron Collider, Cyclotron.) and Particle Thrower (Proton Gun, Ion Wand, Ion Cannon, Neutrona Wand.). Once you turn the Proton Pack on, you can also switch on the Particle Thrower. The Accelerator accelerates the Protons from the Cyclotron on the pack into the Particle Thrower, and you get an extremely powerful but destructive particle stream that consists of Protons and raw nuclear energy. This is capable of entangling a ghost against its will (An excellent way to think of the particle stream would be as a lasso for ghosts.).

All ghosts are made up of Psychokinetic Energy (Which consists of Electrons, Neutrons, and the infamous substance known as "Ectoplasm".). The Electron is one of three elements in an Atom (The other two being the Proton and the Neutron.). Electrons carry a negative charge (As does Ectoplasm.), whereas a Neutron has no charge and a Proton has a positive charge. Negative energy is no match for positive energy. When a person fires the particle stream at a ghost, the ghost will become entangled in the stream and will become trapped (Unless the spirit is more powerful and so the power in the stream will have to be increased accordingly.). The Particle Thrower also features a control for stream length. This proves invaluable when tracking a ghost that floats. The Proton Pack can disintegrate a paper cup, cut through steel, chop down big trees, and blast a dam. The particle stream is harmless to humans on low power. It was later discovered that particle streams could be adjusted to simulate sunlight, in order to vaporize Vampires, and temporarily transform werewolves back into their human form until the next full moon; To permanently cure a werewolf, Wolfsbane Soup is needed. (No One Comes To Lupusville)

The Proton Pack has two settings:

Setting 1: Attack. Generates the most energetic stream of particles, expressly designed to weaken an entity's psychokinetic energy and it's connection to our time-space continuum (referred to officially as "Ectopresence") The GBI pack is set to still emit a weak Confinement field even in Attack mode--GBI Case File GBNY-1986-4/405 (code name "RoboBuster") demonstrates the necessity of not using a "pure" Attack mode.

Setting 2: Confinement. Generates a positively charged "cage" around the entity being confined; however, the Confinement is only effective if the entity's Ectopresence has been reduced to a valence of zero--otherwise it can easily break the Confinement stream. Once Confined, standard procedure is to capture the entity in a Ghost Trap.

Safety Precautions: There are two warnings about the Proton Pack that should be taken very seriously: Do not cross the streams: This process is extremely dangerous as it causes Total Protonic Reversal, which results in the molecules of any nearby person to explode at the speed of light. Information on this situation is sketchy due to the rarity of it ever happening, it has only occurred once where those participating have survived. Please refer to the case where the Ghostbusters fought Gozer for more details.

Do not allow the pack to overheat: This in some ways is similar to Total Protonic Reversal, however on a more limited scale. It is however still extremely dangerous and it is rare for a person in the vicinity to survive a blast caused by overheating. A standard radius of destruction from four Proton Packs has been estimated as a quarter of a mile. There are twenty seconds at maximum boost before the Proton Packs overload.

Optional Extras: Rifle Scope. (Take Two)

F/N Adapted from information gathered from The Proton Lab.; some fan fictions have speculated additional settings on later models


"Don't look at the trap!"

The Ghost Trap has been described as a miniature Ecto Containment Unit. It utilizes the same basic design as it's larger counterpart; a series of lasers designed specifically for the incarceration of spirits, however the overall size and power of an entity can determine how many entities can be contained in one ghost trap. The smaller the entities, the more can be contained in the trap. But the bigger the ghost, the less spirits can be contained. When two or more ghosts are trapped together, their molecules merge and cannot be separated without releasing both. (Drool The Dog-Faced Goblin, Station Identification, Poultrygeist)

The Trap is an Electromagnetic Field Generator that is encased in an extremely strong and powerful Steel Grid and the EMF draws ghosts into the trap. The Trap is connected to a six to eight feet cable, which is connected to a "Stomp-on Pedal". The Cable Wire can be worn on a tiny hook/notch on the standard issue pistol belt. The ghost trap is operated as follows, one team member holds the spirit in a confinement stream, and a second team member rolls a standard Ghost Trap under the spirit. The Trap operator must shout "Trap Open!" He then activates the Stomp-on Pedal, activating the first stage if the trap. The Trap, now open is ready to receive the ghostly prisoner. The Trap operator then presses the Stomp-on Pedal once more to activate the EMF, the ghost is then sucked into the Trap and the Trap is then closed by removal of the Trap operator's foot from the pedal. The Trap also runs on a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 48 Hours. So after trapping a ghost, be sure to get to the division headquarters as soon as possible, so you can contain the ghost in the Ecto Containment Unit and recharge the Trap's battery.

Safety Precautions: There are three warnings about the Ghost Trap that should be taken very seriously:

Do not look into the trap: It is not stated what exactly would happen if a human were to look into a Ghost Trap, however it is believed by most that the glare could cause eye damage and even blindness.

Do not overload the trap: Ghost Traps are extremely small pieces of equipment, and can only contain a certain amount of P.K.E., even if it is from a number of small ghosts. Generally the overloaded Trap would explode, then releasing its contents. Also only a certain number of ghosts can be contained in a Ghost Trap.

Do not forget to recharge the trap: This is extremely important, a Ghost Trap must be at 100% charge to work at peak efficiency. If a Trap is at less then 100% charge when it leaves the division headquarters then it is at risk of loosing it's charge when in operation, resulting in a similar explosion to a overload.


The P.K.E. Meter works similarly to a EMF Detector or a Gas Detector, it is designed specifically to locate P.K.E. (Psychokinetic Energy) in an area, it is set to register P.K.E. due to this being the substance that makes up most paranormal entities. The P.K.E. Meter tells the operator if an entity is in the area through both indication of its arms with blinking indicator lights, but also through the LED readout screen. The P.K.E. Meter also informs the operator of the ghost's classification, and how strong it is. The P.K.E. Meter's power source is a pair of standard AA batteries. One interesting premise of the P.K.E. Meter is that it can be used to track human biorhythms for use in locating missing humans. However these readings are weaker due to this not being the P.K.E. Meter's primary function. The meters can be adjusted to pick up the location of the Proton Pack.

How to Read a P.K.E. Meter: A P.K.E. Meter measures the Psychokinetic energy in the current area. In order to correctly assess the reading, you must view this guide.

200-300 = No Threat, small to no paranormal activity.

301-450 = Trouble, you have a faint trace of a spook.

451-550 = Biblical Proportions, don't let anyone in your house named "Zuul".

Now that you know how to correctly process the information, now you need to know some other tips. If the meter is reading very close in between 300-305, you may be picking up a trail of a ghoul that was already in your area. In other words, you are seeing his residual traces. If you are reading anywhere from a 450-455 when a ghost is present, you are looking at a Class V apparition, a ghost not to be taken lightly.

C/N Above entry sourced from GBHQ's Egon's Lab by Dr. Riddle.

Safety Precautions: There is only one warning about the P.K.E. Meter that should be taken very seriously:

Overload: It is not uncommon for a P.K.E. Meter to overload. This ranges from mild electric shock, to a slight burning of skin and even self-destruct. The P.K.E. Meter is by far the most fragile and sensitive piece of equipment, so treat it carefully.


The Ecto-Goggles, resembling Spook Eyes in appearance are one of the smallest but equally effective pieces of equipment. Essentially a wearable P.K.E. Meter, the goggles slip over the wearer's eyes, allowing them to be able to track an entity while also being able to study its readings. The Ecto-Goggles also prove useful in locating invisible entities. As the goggles can locate P.K.E. they can create a virtual image of the entity. The Ecto-Goggles have seen several incarnations, most notably the original design, and then a unusual design created by Dr. Egon Spengler to help locate several poltergeists who had the ability to become invisible. Polarised lenses that could detect P.K.E detected them.

Safety Precautions: None Recorded.

F/N Adapted from information gathered from The Proton Lab.


A stethoscope connected to stereo earphones, worn by Dr. Egon Spengler.


"This is a high voltage laser containment system..."

The Ecto Containment Unit is a bleak repository for souls of many species. Strange lights, mists, and spectral shapes waft about aimlessly. Human-like figures lean against the walls in despairing convict poses. Others flit and hang on the ceiling. It is a sad and frightening limbo and a most unholy makeshift asylum.

Like it's smaller counterpart, the Containment Unit utilizes a revolutionary laser containment system. Up until recently the exact way the lasers contained the ghosts had been a mystery, however thanks to Sinister of GBN the physics of the Containment Unit were laid bare and the way the ghosts were contained explained.

The large Containment Unit as seen in The Real Ghostbusters is the second incarnation of the machine, the first incarnation having been destroyed due to a failure in the Unit's Protection Grid.

If we think of ghosts as a magnet block (Such as those used in science lessons at school.), the ghosts are the South (Negative) end, and the Proton Packs are the North (Positive) end. As we know when you put North and South together they attract. The same thing happens with the packs and ghosts, the two charges attract each other and they merge.

If the laser grid around the inside of the ECU (Which is a large trap.) were positive like the Proton streams, the ghosts would merge with the stream, and possibly be able to escape in the same way they occasionally escape the streams. However, if the grid lasers were negatively charged (Electrons) a South on south effect would happen. As the ghost approached the edge of the ECU it would be propelled backwards due to the shared charge, just as it would should you put two south magnets together.

So in conclusion the ECU has a box laser grid inside it with a negative charge that makes sure the ghosts are kept inside due to the fact that they can't break through it.

F/N Above description provided by Sinister.

C/N Thanks for the great info Iain!

Safety Precautions: There is only one warning about the Ecto Containment Unit that should be taken very seriously:

Do not, I repeat, do not shut it off: The break in power supply is identical to a trap overload/power drain, however on a somewhat larger scale, as stated by Dr. Egon Spengler, "It would be like dropping a bomb on the city." The ghosts, in their eagerness to escape cause the metal shell of the Ecto Containment Unit to rupture. As soon as this happens the build up of P.K.E. causes an explosion that decimates the structure containing the ECU. There has only been one recorded incident of the ECU being shut off against the Ghostbusters will by another human (Walter Peck, of course.). This was during the infamous Gozer incident. The resulting explosion gutted the Ghostbusters' headquarters and released all contained entities into the Greater New York Area.


According to Louis Tully, the Ghostbusters take great pride in their service and their brand image on a whole. They strive to present a professional and courteous appearance on the job, and they feel that the uniform is the best was to accomplish that. The standard Ghostbusters uniform consists of several parts:

1.) Flightsuit: CWU-27/P* Flight Suit made by
2.) Black T-shirt: A black t-shirt worn under the flightsuit.
3.) GB logo patch: A patch of the GB logo on the right shoulder.
4.) Nametag: A black, rectangular-shaped nametag, with the wearerís surname spelt out in capital red letters.
5.) Elbow Pads: Made by Markwort. They are gray and bubble-shaped.
6.) Pistol Belt: The belt holds the Neutrona Wand holder, Circuit Board Pouch, Rear Belt Circuit Board, Coil Cable with clips, Leg Tube W/ fitting and belt attachment.
7.) Boots: Black Zipper Paratrooper Boots. The zipper is on the side for quick attachment and removal.
8.) Chemical Gloves: Black gloves.

Essentially the Tripod Trap is identical to the standard Ghost Trap in operation. The main difference is the design, which allows for a larger containment area and also allows for elevated entrapment. The trap takes up less space then a standard trap and so can be used in areas of limited space. The device is still in the test stages as it hasn't been used in many busts. The Tripod Trap, when activated creates a grid-like confinement area, but tests have ranged in success.

Safety Precautions: There is only one warning about the Tripod Trap that should be taken very seriously:

Don't stare directly at the Laser: It can blind you if you aren't careful enough.

C/N Information above derived from further information provided to The Proton Lab by Matt Emery.

"I'm getting 2.5 G.E.V.s on the Giga-Meter."

G.E.V.s or Giga Electron Volts is an experimental alternate to the P.K.E. Meter. It's main purpose to measure the Psychomagnetheric energy in G.E.V.s. The meter has performed only limited use, and is most notably known for its use in the detection of the river of slime beneath First Avenue in New York.


"It's Slime Time."

The Slime Blower is one of the least used pieces of equipment due to the scarcity of the weapon's ammunition, positively charged Psychomagnetheric Ectoplasm. The Pyschomagnetheric Ectoplasm was first discovered in 1988 after an incident involving the Ghostbusters' first customer Dana Barrett. An examination of a street where she lived revealed a large quantity of the unusual Ectoplasm. Further exploration revealed the large quantity of slime flowed along the abandoned tunnels of the NYPRR. The New York Pneumatic Railroad, a system that had been an experimental subway system. After collecting a sample it was discovered that the slime reacted to negative vibes, having built up from all of the bad feelings and negative things said by every New Yorker to each other. After a complex series of tests it was discovered that the slime, like Proton streams, can be changed from negative to positive, and so positively charged slime was implemented in the Ghostbusters' arsenal. The slime was playing a part in the 300-year-old plan of a 17th Century Moldavian Tyrant known as Vigo the Carpathian. Utilizing the negative feelings of some "three million completely miserable assholes" Vigo was able to amass a huge amount of slime, which he used to coat the Manhattan Museum of Art, trapping Dana Barrett and her son Oscar who was to play an important part in Vigo's plan, to be the living embodiment of Vigo the Carpathian. However Vigo was eventually defeated through the use of his own slime being used against him.

The Slime Blower works essentially like a fire extinguisher, projecting its ammunition at a specific target selected by the operator. The slime tanks are mounted onto an A.L.I.C.E. Pack Frame with bigger Straps and more padding and protection than the Proton Pack's A.L.I.C.E. Pack Frame. There are also two small but bright lights attached on top of the two small green air tanks. The Slime Blower works on an air pressure system. The central tank contains the mood slime, which is powered by positive human emotions. The two smaller green tanks on either side of the main tank are the air tanks. The Slime Blower's cannon features a switch trigger, which works similar to a tap with an air pressure system. When the switch is pulled, it makes the high-pressured air in the air tanks push the mood slime through the hose and into the large canister-like gun. The Slime fires at a fast and furious rate. The Slime Blower has also been used in possessions, forcing an entity to evacuate the host body due to the positive charge of the slime. The slime's positive charge was put to an unusual test when the Ghostbusters needed to create a large amount of positive vibes to crack the negative slime shell on the Manhattan Museum of Art, after animating a toaster they were able to animate the Statue of Liberty and walk her to the Manhattan Museum of Art.

Safety Precautions: None Recorded.

This is almost like a fishing rod. It has a small lamp on the end to provide light, in dark areas that are difficult to view. On the main section, a motor is activated and it extends an arm out (The maximum length is 3 ft.). When it reaches the full length, a sphere at the tip of the arm opens. The user then puts the sphere into the area that theyíre gathering the sample from. The Slime Collector is mainly used to get samples of Ectoplasm. Once the sample is taken, the sphere closes and the user cranks it back into the locked position.
This is a small device that functions almost the same as a Giga-Meter (Itís much smaller, and doesnít look anything like it.). It detects emotional activity and rapidly beeps. Egon used it to detect the emotions of the couple that thought they were waiting for marriage counseling. He also secretly used it to detect Dana Barrettís emotions.
Also known as the "Ghost Sniffer", this piece of equipment was used by Dr. Peter Venkman in Dana Barrettís apartment to detect Ectoplasmic vapor trails. It tests ionized traces left by P.K.E. activity, and can be used to date the occurrences of paranormal activity. It was created by Bacharach/United Technologies.

Copied from the Bacharach Website:

Sniffer 300 Series gas indicators are lightweight, portable instruments designed for intermittent measurements of combustible gas and oxygen deficiency.

Rugged and rain resistant, these instruments represent a departure from traditional design. Each has a slender, high-impact thermoplastic case with a built-in handle and trigger switch. They each use easily-replaceable, field-proven sensors and internal sampling pumps for reliable service. The internal pump allows sampling up to 100 feet away.

Designed for intrinsic safety, the Sniffer 300 Series instruments meet various approval agency requirements for use in Class I, Divisions 1 and 2, Groups A, B, C and D hazardous areas.

F/N Adapted from information gathered at and the Bacharach website.

Most of the time, a paranormal entity (Mainly ghosts and any other creatures that don't have reflections.) doesnít appear on film. However, it is still there. This Xerox-sized device lifts the spirit from the cover inside the photo revealing its form.
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