Harold Ramis
Ghostbusters (1984), Ghostbusters 2 (1989)

Maurice LaMarche
The Real Ghostbusters (1986-1991); Extreme Ghostbusters (1997)

The Spenglers were a well-respected family of scholars and scientists (As would be all of their paternal male descendants, with the exception of Zedekiah Spengler.). Around 1650 in Germany, there was a schism in the Spengler family. Ezekiel Spengler converted from Judaism to Christianity. He was shunned by his Jewish family, and thus left Germany and settled in the New England colonies in Massachusetts. Ezekiel had at least one brother, who remained Jewish and eventually settled in Ostrov, in Eastern Poland.

C/N This is conjectured by Doc Fritz and Dr. Riddle. Thanks guys!

F/N Studying by Dr. Riddle has informed us that the name Spengler has German origins, which helps to prove the deleted line in Ghostbusters II that one half of Egon's family emigrated from Ostrov, in Eastern Poland. Ezekiel’s name is established by Dr. Riddle.

In 1689, Ezekiel Spengler’s son, Eli Spengler became one of the founding fathers of Lewiston, Massachusetts. The witch Kestrel was an evil demoness who had no physical shape. She took possession of people’s bodies and made them do terrible things. When Kestrel possessed someone, she also possessed their awareness, meaning she knews everything they knew. Eli banished the witch Kestrel to eternity in a crystal ball with the help of the townspeople of Lewiston. The crystal ball was placed in a witchcraft altar in a secret underground layer. Near the three hundredth anniversary of the founding of Lewiston, a giant statue of Eli Spengler was placed in the town square, with a plaque reading: “Eli Spengler, legendary hero of Lewiston who drove out Witchcraft three hundred years ago.” Mayflower’s Ice Cream Shop sold masks of Eli’ head during this anniversary, which many people wore. Not too long afterwards, Kestrel's spirit was released from the crystal ball during construction work, only to eventually be trapped in the crystal again by Eli Spengler's great-great-great-great grandson, Ghostbuster Dr. Egon Spengler (Ironically enough, Egon always thought his grandmother made up the story about Eli and the witch.). (If I Were A Witch Man)

Eli Spengler’s grandson, Zedekiah Spengler was a deranged dabbler in the occult, who chose superstition over science. In 1742 in Nassburg, he was experimenting with musical incantations. Things didn’t work out as he expected. Apparently, the well on his land had gone dry, and he was trying to refill it with magic. Instead, he aroused a spirit attached to the well. A dragon that was about the size of a horse was accidentally created. It was nothing to brag about. The dragon trusted Zedekiah, and thought he was his “Dada”. When the dragon started bringing him pigs and goats from his neighboor’s farms, he knew he had to do something quickly. Since he conjured the dragon, banishing it was the least he could do. But nothing seemed to work. So he tried rearranging the notes of the original incantation. And finally he found a melody that sent the dragon back to sleep in the well. He then placed a plaque on the well, reading: “Here lies the Dragon, banished to sleep forever, sayeth the conjurer, Zedekiah Spengler, A.D. 1742.” But unbeknownst to Zedekiah, he did something wrong. While the dragon was in suspended animation, it grew bigger and bigger. The dragon should’ve slept there forever, and not gotten any bigger. Zedekiah didn’t know it, but only one chord in the music does the trick. The notes of the chord have to be played at exactly the right frequency amplitude in relation to the size of the dragon and it’s distance from the well. The scholarly Spengler family came to regard him as an embarrassment: One non-direct descendant would label him one of the “loons and scoundrels of the family”. Apparently, that non-direct descendant and the other members of the Spengler family didn’t believe this story. They think Zedekiah made up the story to impress people. They don’t think it would be neat to have a “family dragon”, either. Zedekiah had at least one brother, whose great-great-great granddaugher was Katherine Melton, the mother of Ghostbuster Dr. Egon Spengler. (Egon’s Dragon)

In the early 1930’s, one of Ezekiel Spengler’s brother’s descendants and his wife emigrated from Ostrov, in Eastern Poland to the United States. The first thing they saw in America was the Statue of Liberty. They settled in Cleveland, Ohio, and had two sons, Edison and Cyrus. Their two sons would follow in the family tradition of scientific pursuits. Edison became a Physicist, Cyrus became a Biochemist, and they founded Spengler Labs, a Biochemistry Laboratory in Cleveland, Ohio. (Deleted line from Ghostbusters II, Cry Uncle)

Dr. Edison Spengler was serving an internship under Dr. Will Murray Hazard in the early 1950’s, when he met Hazard’s secretary, Katherine Melton. Katherine Melton was a distant relative to Edison, descended from the Lewiston Spenglers (Her mother was a Spengler.). She pursued Edison in part because of his resemblance to her notable ancestor Eli Spengler, and the two married. She gave birth to Egon Spengler on November 21, 1957.

C/N Unifying RGB #7 and the disparate branches of the Spengler family from ”If I Were A Witch Man”, and deleted scene from Ghostbusters II. Katherine's maiden name, “Melton” is conjectured by Doc Fritz. Katherine’s Mother was a Spengler. This would also explain why Egon resembles both of his parents, his uncle, and basically all of their male Spengler ancestors.

F/N Edison’s name is conjecture based on a ”middle agreement” of Sheila Paulson's Dr. Elliot Spengler and Doc Fritz’ Dr. Newton Spengler. Another popular name for Egon's father was Dr. Edwin Spengler, also used at a point by Sheila Paulson.

Edison and Katherine gave Egon a very strict upbringing, stressing academic success so much that they allowed him no toys (They had part of a slinky, but he straightened it.) and reportedly reacted harshly to Egon receiving an A- on a test. Edison was a stern, rigid father to Egon, pushing him to the upper limits of his abilities, but he was always proud of him. He acknowledged Egon’s brilliance, integrity, and scholarship, but he didn’t acknowledge the value of his work. He focused too much in one direction, upon Egon’s wonderful intellect. Egon made him incredibly proud. But Edison was stiff and rigid and found it difficult to speak of his love for him, and only his approval of his scholarship. Katherine, while still as serious as Edison, carries a somewhat sarcastic nature “My son, the comedian...” She used to call Egon “Spookums” when he was a small child. She threw out Egon's Socrates Poster when he was five. She knows Karate. She calls Egon “Doctor”. She has been known to make home remedies that are infamous to the occupants of the Firehouse. The New And Improved Spengler Family Remedy: Contains chicken soup, olive juice, peas, prune juice, and a dash of garlic for flavor. Itís basically the same as the old remedy. The only reason itís new and improved is because she bought a new blender. It obviously tastes horrible. She makes Egon Pastrami sandwiches. She owns a car. She once acted as a replacement secretary while Janine was on vacation and the temp was busted. (Baby Spookums, Ghostworld, Ghostbusters II, Till Death Do Us Part, Sphinx, Back in the Saddle Pt. 1)

C/N ALL Spenglers are raised this exact same way, which would explain why all Spengler men become Scientists and Scholars, and why they all have the same personality as Egon.

Is described as a real egghead and a “New Wave Mr. Spock”. He is incredibly intelligent but amazingly dense at the same time. He doesn't care about dying; he sees us as tiny parts of a vast organism, like two bacteria living on a rotting speck of dust floating in an infinite void. Is thus believed to be a Deist (A person who believes that God created the universe and then abandoned it.).Is very sceptical of magic and anything not rational; dislikes talking about his “loony” relatives (Such as Zedekiah Spengler.). According to him, there’s only one way to stop a ghost: Science. He doesn’t need luck or charms, because he has Science on his side. Has some actual mystic knowledge - Enough to create simple protective pentagrams. (Ghostbusters, Egon's Dragon, The Scaring Of The Green, RGB#28)

Utters his frustration when things aren’t going to plan such as: Egon: “Sometimes I think the universe just waits for me to get cocky”, in reference to his plan of powering spotlights with his pack not working, or: Egon: “Oh Crumbs”, when his attempt to peacefully resolve the issue with the ghost that likes silence is made futile by an impatient movie director. Only uses profanity if it is a situation of dire circumstances (i.e. Loosing Vinz Clortho, the Keymaster.). (When Halloween Was Forever, Take Two, Ghostbusters)

Is very nearsighted. Repeatedly pushes his glasses back up his nose, or has his glasses pushed back up for him. (The Scaring Of The Green, Cry Uncle, The Hole In The Wall Gang)

Can fall asleep instantly. Makes himself cocoa when he can't sleep. (Beneath These Streets, The Boogieman Is Back)

Is the only member of the team who doesn't drink alcohol or smoke. Is regarded as a sugar junkie. His favorite sugar-loaded snacks are Twinkies. He has also been offered chocolate bars as rewards (Nestle’s Crunch, in particular.) Favorite soup is Chicken with Mushrooms. Can cook, at least well enough to work in a hotel kitchen. Can use the Neutrona Wand to cook Popcorn. “Slimer, you didn't see this.” Drinks milk for indigestion. (Doctor Doctor, Deadcon I, RGB #4, Boo Dunit, Ghostbusters, Adventures In Slime And Space)

Favorite color is pea soup green. (Don't Forget The Motor City)

Likes Aretha Franklin. Also loves opera. Can read musical notation. Doesn't like Rock ‘N’ Roll, but will play it if the situation requires. Can sing. Performed the song “Touching Old Magic” during a history of Halloween session at a High School in New York. (Don't Forget The Motor City, A Fright At The Opera, Banshee Bake A Cherry Pie, Play Them Ragtime Boos, The Halloween Door)

Likes Michelle Pfeifer. (Mean Green Teen Machine)

Unsurprisingly, his childhood bedroom looked like a science fair. Was given a microscope on his 3rd birthday. Had a Chemistry set when he was a kid. May have burned down the garage as a kid. Had the biggest ant farm in the state of Ohio, when he was a child. Used to read Spooks Illustrated as a kid. Has dreamed of being on the cover of Spooks Illustrated. Subscribes to Who's Who and What's That? Reads Technology Tomorrow magazine. Doesn't usually read tabloids. Strangely, owns a human brain in a jar. Loves chess, but nobody will play him. Named his computer Marsha. Has a computerised version of Tobin's Spirit Guide. (RGB #26, The Brooklyn Triangle, Ghost Fight At The OK Corral, Beneath These Streets, Ghostbuster Of The Year, Chicken, He Clucked, RGB #25, RGB #13, Rollerghoster, The Copycat, RGB #12, Banshee Bake A Cherry Pie?, I Am The City)

Has knowledge of Star Trek and Superman. (Ain't NASA-Sarilly So, Citizen Ghost, Deleted Scene from Ghostbusters)

Has a school tie. (The Cabinet Of Calamari)

Mentions the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball team with interest. (Night Game)

His grandfather knew Will Murray Hazzard, Doc Hazzard of the Crime Patrol. (RGB #7)

Faced the Boogieman when he was a child. The Boogieman lives on kids’ fear. The more scared they are, the more he likes it. If you’re not afraid, then he can’t hurt you. He comes out of the closet and scares kids. His domain leads to children’s closets all over the world. The Boogieman can use his domain anyway he wants against outsiders, once they enter it. There’s too much supernatural energy in his domain to get a clear enough P.K.E. reading to track him. He picks his victims very carefully, because not every child’s closet leads to his domain. The Boogieman is not a standard ghost, and so the Ghost Trap can’t be used on him. When Egon was a child, the Boogieman would come out of his closet. He’s the reason Egon started investigating the supernatural. He wanted to find a way to stop him. Egon NEVER passed up the chance to investigate the Boogieman. The Boogieman still remembers Egon. And Egon will NEVER let the scare him again. (The Boogieman Cometh)

F/N The spelling of the Boogieman's name changed between his first and second appearance.

Received his first degree in Elementary School. Has degrees in/a great deal of knowledge of Parapsychology, Psychology, Physics, Engineering, Metallurgy, Occult Sciences, History, Computer Science, Ancient Languages (Is one of only three people who can decipher the runes of Ragnarok. He can also read Sumerian in his sleep, underwater and with the lights off.), Library Science, Biology (Particularly Spores, Molds, and Fungi, which he collects.), Marine Biology, Microbiology, Mycology, Architecture, and Astronomy. Has a Doctorate in Physics, from MIT. Has knowledge of the Necronomicon and The Great Old Ones. Has some medical training, mostly first aid. One of his mentors in Paranormal Research (Mainly in the Dimensional Physics Theory.) was Ian Epimetheus, who disappeared into another dimension (The Peoplebusters' Dimension apparently.) years ago. (Rollerghoster, Ghostbusters, You Can't Teach An Old Demon New Tricks, Ragnarok And Roll, Knock Knock The Old College Spirit, The Haunting Of Heck House, The Collect Call of Cathulhu, RGB Annual #1, RGB 3-D Annual)

F/N The spelling of Cathulhu is actually a mistake. However for some unknown reason, possibly due to misinterpretation it became known as Cathulhu. The correct spelling is Cthulhu.

Knew a fellow student who studied the aerodynamics of the curve ball (Night Game)

Has knowledge of the Van Horne Pneumatic Transit System. Also has knowledge of the Buffalo’s old New York Central, which derailed in 1920 and killed hundreds of people. (RGB In GB II Vol. 1)

Along with Ray and Winston, can understand techno-babble/science talk/nautical terms. Is the only person on the team who can understand Peter's morning language, which is based on a series of grunts. Peter: “Grunt.” Ray: “Translation Egon?” Egon: “Get out of my face or eat flaming terror.” (Future Tense, Mr. Sandman, Dream Me A Dream)

Knows sign language. (Take Two)

He met Peter Venkman in college, at Columbia University. He single-handedly got Venkman through graduate school. In 1980 they were employed by Columbia University to do Parapsychological research in Weaver Hall. Soon after, Peter introduced Egon to Ray Stantz (Who was hired in 1982, and assigned to work with the two of them.). By 1983, they were under the department management of Dean Yeager. (Deleted from Ghostbusters)

Collects and analyzes samples of Ectoplasmic residue whenever possible during busts. Sometimes Ray assists him. (Ghostbusters)

Dr. Edison Spengler had a stroke shortly before the Ghostbusters started their business. Egon flew out to Cleveland, Ohio. Edison and his brother, Cyrus had already begun work on the new facility for Spengler Labs. Because of Egon’s interest in ghosts and the paranormal, Edison had informed him that he meant to leave his interest in Spengler Labs to Cyrus rather than to him. He didn't disinherit Egon. Edison’s wife, Katherine wouldn't have let him even if he had been so inclined, which he wasn't. But Edison told Egon in a letter that he knew his interests went in another direction and that while he would have preferred Egon to join him in more conventional scientific pursuits, he would not force him to do so. Instead, he meant to leave Egon money, although most of his savings went to Katherine, of course. Egon didn't care about an inheritance, and he did invest some of it into the Labs for construction of the new facility. The mortgage on Ray's house helped them buy the Firehouse and other expenses but Egon put money into their business, too. Edison was still alive, but unable to speak. He was paralyzed completely on the left side. In his eyes he was aware of his surroundings, even if he could not communicate. Egon couldn't bear to think about it, let alone admit it. It appalled him to see his father’s brilliant mind trapped in a useless hulk. Edison saw Egon take his hand, although he could not feel the touch. It was the first time he ever saw Egon cry since he was a baby. He thought it wasn’t right that a man expect his son to shed no tears, to surrender his emotions full measure to the cold joy of learning. Egon spent hours at his bedside, talking to him, explaining his work, perhaps even seeking approval from him, although he was unable to give it. Cyrus came in while Egon was sitting with him. Edison was sleeping or unconscious. The doctors had warned them not to expect improvement. He was on a ventilator, connected to complete life support equipment. Cyrus came in, sat across the bed from Egon, and told him that he let Edison down, and that it was his heart's dream that he’d join him in his work, his life's ambition to pass along his share of the business to his son. Cyrus asked Egon for his help in front of Edison as he was dying. He couldn't refuse to promise. Cyrus rubbed it in that he had disappointed his father by refusing to follow in his footsteps. Edison had high blood pressure. He'd been having a little trouble with the medication he'd been taking; it wasn't doing its work and the doctor was trying variations in prescription and dosage to regulate it. Katherine knew all about it and since Edison was working daily with Cyrus to get the new lab facilities planned, he knew it, too. Combined with the problems he was already having, he suffered a massive brain hemorrhage and died. He was under treatment for the condition already. He had seen his doctor the previous day, and such an occurrence had always been a possibility. He once considered Venkman the worst thing to happen to Egon. Before he died, he realized that he was quite mistaken and that Venkman was an honorable man and a loyal friend to Egon. Edison was proud that Egon held true to his beliefs and that he pursued them with the true scientific method. Before he died, he watched Egon interact with the Ghostbusters, and realized how fortunate he had become. He found a balanced life, loyal friends, and a career that he could do extremely well that he loved. Had Edison been less rigid, he would have gratefully told Egon that before he died.

C/N This is all fan conjecture by Sheila Paulson.

Both he and Ray have more than general knowledge of The Murray The Mantis Show, which is the biggest thing on Saturday morning cartoons. They “claim” the reason they watch it, is because good scientists are open to everything, it has realistic plots and situations, and it’s a form of predator control of the rage (Sure Egon, whatever you say!). Murray lives in a garden and he keeps the peace, sort of like a sheriff. He chases away the bad Roach Brothers and the evil Hypno-Snake. Murray is the best friend of the gardener’s little girl, who’s misunderstood by the other children. He can jump very high. (The Revenge Of Murray The Mantis)

Can fly ECTO-2 and standard/military helicopters. Is a pretty good pilot of small jet aircraft such as his creation, the ECTO-4. Has designed a dimensional warp drive for the ECTO-4, but it's very expensive to build and use. Can control the ECTO-4 through remote control. (Ghost-busted, Ghosts ‘R’ Us, Adventures In Slime And Space, RGB #7, 10-11, 18)

Along with Ray he is known as the “mad scientist”, and can create Godzilla-sized illusions. (New Jersey Parallelogram, Don't Forget The Motor City, The Headless Motorcyclist)

Always has a P.K.E. Meter in hand, even in his nightclothes! He takes it with him everywhere he goes. He also usually keeps a spare set of glasses with him wherever he goes. (Bustman's Holiday, If I Were A Witch Man)

Knows clowns each use distinct makeup designs (More of his implied disguise expertise, hinted at in GBI and If I Were A Witch Man.). (RGB #24)

Described the neighborhood the Firehouse was situated in as a De-militarized zone after a long list of the structure's undermining features. (Ghostbusters)

F/N However, this may have been a scheme devised by Peter to get a cheaper price.

Accidentally blacked out New York when attempting to charge up a Proton Pack, the overload melted both an industrial outlet and industrial plug. Knows how to set a Proton Pack onto explosive overload. Keeps two fully charged Proton Packs stashed in a secret vault at Ghostbusters Central. (Deleted Scene from Ghostbusters, Who’re You Calling Two-Dimensional?, RGB #1)

His uncle, Dr. Cyrus Spengler (His father’s brother.) now owns and operates Spengler Labs, a Biochemistry Laboratory in Cleveland, Ohio. Spengler Labs produces prescription medications in their pharmaceutical section but they also do a great deal of research. Both brothers owned and operated Spengler Labs until Edison’s death. Since before Edison Spengler’s death, Cyrus wanted full control of Spengler Labs. He is a biochemist/biologist rather than a physicist. He wanted to devote more laboratory space to the biological sciences. He may have been on the verge of a great breakthrough that would win him a Nobel Prize. He didn't want to waste time with physics. He wanted the glory to be his alone. Cyrus never approved of Egon, and Egon never thought he'd ever want him to come to his assistance. But as said above, Egon had held a promise to help Cyrus if he was ever required. Egon had never broken a promise to Cyrus, and he would have been greatly disappointed if he ever did. That promise was a manipulated by Cyrus in hopes of severing Egon’s ties with the Ghostbusters. He knew that bringing Egon to Spengler Labs was a foolish course, but his ego could not endure the possibility that his fellow scientists might consider his nephew a crank. Whenever someone mentioned “Ghostbusting” to him, he told them not to insult his intelligence, and that he didn’t believe in such nonsense. Cyrus remarked that the Ghostbusters’ HQ looked like a garage, and that Egon was far too intelligent a scientist to work in an unclean environment, “running around in costume zapping creatures that don’t exist” and that he’s not an exterminator. He told Egon that “there are no small jobs in research”. He didn’t care to see the Ghostbusters in action. Whether he believed them or not, he still preferred to stay where it’s safe. But after Cyrus watched Egon in action, he decided he was where he was best, and released him. He then told Egon he had very important scientific work to do. (Cry Uncle)

Carries the team's pocket pager (Remember, this was 1989, before they were everywhere.). (RGB #15)

Has never understood his emotions, and they scare the heck out of him. He's always contained them and never let them out, with the exception of fascination and anger (I.E. Walter Peck.). This is one of the reasons why is personality is the way it is. And this is also the reason why he's the Boogieman's favorite target. The Boogieman finds Egon's fear unique and different from anyone else's fear, and thus he craves it more than anyone else's. Nowhere is Egon's emotional problems more evident than in his relationship with Janine Melnitz. She flirted with him strongly from the first but he was confused by it; even when he did begin to like her back, he could never admit it. He whispered her name when he thought he was about to die. He became uncharacteristically sarcastic and hostile when she dated businesman Paul Smart. He's admitted that he tries to keep Janine off of missions because he cares about her and it distracts him when she comes along. Has admitted to being in love with her at least once (Ghostbusters, Ragnarok and Roll, Robo Buster, RGB #16, Janine You've Changed)

Invented his own tent, complete with satellite dish and Jacuzzi.(Camping It Up)

Knows who Johnny Wiesmuller is, and possibly Zorro too, in reference to his swinging from a chandelier. (The Scaring Of The Green, Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Ghost?)

Had wanted to open diplomatic negotiations with the spirit world and showed real interest in being earth's first Paranormal Ambassador. He even grafted a special chamber onto the Ecto Containment Unit to allow Slimer to move freely from one dimension to another. Once entered the Ecto Containment Unit in what resembled a spacesuit to retrieve the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. (The Revenge of Murray The Mantis, X-Mas Marks The Spot)

Is becoming quite known in the paranormal enthusiast community - The wizard Morehemoodus singled him out for mention upon meeting the Ghostbusters. (RGB #10)

Worked out the true number of ghosts in Heck House. (The Haunting Of Heck House)

Described Peter's music skill as coming from the “heel”. He later retracted the statement and described it as “killer stuff” after it was used to help defeat the Undying One's undead hordes. His bed exploded after “Love Makes Me Live” was played on Peter's now deceased stereo. Commented that Peter's new stereo smelled like “The instant combustion of millions of dollars.” (Banshee Bake A Cherry Pie?, Moaning Stones)

Once borrowed Venkman's poster of “Luscious Linda”. (RGB #4)

Once posed as gang leader Cody Jarrett. (RGB #7)

Threatened to use electric shocks to get Ray back into the team, Egon: “I have a plan.” Peter: “No electric shock Egon.” Egon: “I have another plan.”

Was once atomically desintegrated and had his particles sent to the Netherworld, where he became the captive of the demon Torley, brother of the demon Arzuun. (Egon's Ghost)

Crashed into a television after smashing through a window when the Ghostbusters were breaking into Tummel's building. Wanted to renegotiate the research budget due to his viewing Tummel's lab and voicing his annoyance at not having ready access to electronic parts. (You Can't Take It With You)

Has dressed in drag, and carried a color wheel around to match his make-up. Has posed as a road worker (Mean Green Teen Machine, Ghostbusters II, If I Were A Witch Man)

Has been turned into a Were-chicken. (Poultrygeist)

Has had his mind switched with Slimer's. (Slimer, Is That You?)

Had his photo in an “Ugly Salon” in Boo York. He also had a picture of himself used as the insignia for the Peoplebusters. (Flipside)

Has nearly been forced to marry a ghost. (Til Death Do Us Part)

Has posed as a road worker. (Mean Teen Green Machine, Ghostbusters II)

Has performed embarrassing tests on the Psychomagnetheric slime collected from the Pneumatic Transit Tunnel. (Ghostbusters II)

Worked in private research (possibly back at Columbia) during the closure of GBI. (Ghostbusters II)

Became a professor at New York City Community College after GBI closed again in 1991 or 92(Darkness At Noon Pt. I)

Egon is estimated to be around 6'5" and from 165 to 180 lbs.

Harold Ramis is estimated to be around 6’3”.

F/N Above info gathered from the Real Ghostbusters Fan Fiction Recommendations and from GBN Member Van Damme.

Clothes Style
He wears pink and light blue often, which set off his platinum blond hair and fair skin. As Egon's fashion sense is firmly rooted 50 years ago, he wears suspenders, khaki trousers, suitcoats, and bowties with an ease that few people can match. He owns at least two tuxedos, one black; the other white with tails. He usually sleeps in a light blue nightshirt, though he has a pair of pajammas (With molecules printed on them!) that he wears rarely. Prefers to wear coats with hoods in rain and snow (Slimer Come Home, X-mas Marks The Spot, Cold Cash And Hot Water).

Uniform Scheme:

Dark blue with pinkish trim.

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