One of the greatest movies of all time was Ghostbusters. It was followed up with one of the greatest cartoons of all time, The Real Ghostbusters (one of the most successful Movie-to-TV translations EVER). The mix of comedy, horror, and weird science was white-hot in the Eighties, and still maintains a loyal fan following to this day!!!

May 13, 2006

Today celebrates three years since the Ectozone was opened on May 13, 2003. And like many years, I have a new story to put out to celebrate it...

Back in January I released Ghostbusters: Forever, the story of the long overdue wedding between Egon Spengler and Janine Melnitz. Well, if you've read some of the GBWC stories, or such fan fics as Future Shocks then you know what the logical next step is...

Less than a year after finally getting married, Egon and Janine Spengler recieve the news that their relationship is about to advance another step--to parenthood.

The stage is set. On June 13, 1999...everything changes.

Ghostbusters: Gemini Rising

I hope everyone enjoys this important event in the lives of the characters we love so much.

Fritz V. Baugh

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Five newest stories (newest on top)

Ghostbusters: Gemini Rising, Part One
1999--Timeline Year Seventeen
Less than a year after finally getting married, Egon and Janine Spengler recieve the news that their relationship is about to advance another step--to parenthood.

Extreme Ghostbusters Apocrypha: Keeping It Real
Apocrypha Era Three
Team Extreme finishes up a case at the phone company, and then is accosted by two strangely familiar bums at a Burger King. Who are they, and why do they insist that the Extreme Ghostbusters are imposters?

Ghostbusters West Coast: Where in the World Is Chelsea Aberdeen? Part Two
2004--Timeline Year Twenty Two
A chance discovery by Jen Spengler leads the investigation into a new direction that bears fruit. As Fritz investigates a run down amusement park with Bo Holbrook, Jen and Vincent Belmont confront Chelsea Aberdeen's aunt Dorothy--and make more than one shocking discovery.

Ghostbusters Nightsquad Apocrypha: Origin
Original Story by Bo Holbrook; Adapted by Fritz Baugh
Apocrypha Era Three
As the original and Extreme Ghostbusters battle the Bermuda Triangle, Egon's niece and three others begin their own march to destiny...

Ghostbusters: Forever
1998--Timeline Year Sixteen
After fifteen years of confusion, denial, reversal, and dark moments of dispair, the long-awaited day has come for one brilliant physicist and one spirited secretary to celebrate the love that bind their souls together. At long last, the wedding of Professor Egon Spengler and Ms. Janine Melnitz.

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