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Some of the links on these pages no longer work, and there may be pictures that do not show up because they have been deleted since the pages involved were new.

News Archive

If you ever wanted to see the junk that used to be on the front page, now you can.

Ectozone Index: May 13, 2003

The original Digibusters page. I was originally going to split the site between Ghostbusters and Digimon (thus the name "Digibusters"), with the Ectozone being the Ghostbuster section, and the Digimon section to be named "Digital Nexus". I abandoned the idea and the whole site evolved into the Ectozone as we know it today. But eventually, I'd come back to the Digimon idea to create this

Ectozone Index: August 18, 2003

A look at the Ectozone page before I subdivided it and it "took over" the whole site.

Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline: 88MPH Studios

A little experiment I did pruning the Timeline just for the 88MPH series. A lot of it is already apocryphal (ie everybody would have to be at least five years older by the mini-series) but it was fun diversion.

Chronicles of Gozer: The Tale of Atlantis

Early draft of the chapter of backstory I wrote for Chronicles of Gozer

Ghostbusters: Legion#1

My review of the long-awaited 88MPH comic series' premiere issue.

Ectozone Index: May 13, 2004

The first anniversary. By now the Ectozone has taken over the prime index page, and it's officially "".

Ectozone Index: May 13, 2005

Second anniversary. A little refinement to the look, but still recognizable. It's become kind of a tradition to archive this page now.

Ectozone Index: November 20, 2005

Just because I wanted to. The GenCon photo might be of interest to some people.

Ghostbusters: Forever

The promotional picture created by Kingpin

Ectozone Index: January 26, 2006

The Ectozone home page from the day a lot of fan prayers were answered (at least as best they could be without the official endorsement of Sony): the release of Ghostbusters: Forever, the wedding of Egon Spengler and Janine Melnitz

Ectozone Index: May 13, 2006

The Third anniversary, and the release of "Gemini Rising"

Ectozone Index: September 13, 2006

The twentieth anniversary of The Real Ghostbusters. Also, basically the last version of the homepage before I started using stylesheets

Ectozone Index: November 13, 2006

The first homepage of "Ectozone 3.0", evolving the look of the site even further with the use of Cascading Stylesheets. The CSS code is embedded in this page, so even if the look changes again, it'll still be an accurate recreation.

Ectozone Index: May 13, 2007

The tradition continues; the Fourth anniversary (and the long-overdue release of "Digibusters, Part 3")


The two letters I had printed in Now's RGB comic (issues 22 and 24) (Thanks to Ghostdiva for the scans)

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